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Carpet and Rug Prices

Carpet and rug are the most important details for the home interior decor. There are different fabric, materials and styles in wide variety of choices as well as the price. Kristalcarpets offers carpet and rug prices with best service worldwide shipping option. The price may change depending on carpet and rug sizes. Online shopping makes your life easier and you can find the best carpets for sale cheap and affordable way through the color and size selection. Check out and find the best piece of carpet and rug options such as bedroom rugs, kitchen rugs, indoor outdoor rugs of the Kristalcarpets collection and save up to %70 discount or free shipping service.

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What Kind of Rugs Are Good for The Living Room?

Are you bored with your living room decoration or do you want to change the vibe of your home decor? Why don’t you start with using rugs into your living room? There are new collection with modern touch that modern rugs can change the vibe of the environment. Although oriental rugs are popular and traditional shopping trends are observed there are many kinds of rugs that can be found either modern rugs, contemporary rugs or hertex rugs. Modern rugs and contemporary rugs are recently preferred in living room decoration. They are easy to clean, gives both fresh and modern look and defitinely change the vibe of your living room. The rug sizes also give different look to your room; for example small rugs may give modern look whereas the large rugs may give more oriental and elegant look. You can easily check the rug collection for sale now and enjoy your living room today with a new look.

Should I Buy a Rug for Living Room?

The final touch of your living room is mostly the rugs. Rugs are traditionally hand made and in natural colors. Rugs are light and enables to sound control for the floor especially if you live on upper floors. Today there are many rugs that are used as indoor outdoor rugs. There a great number of reason for the question Should I buy a rug for a living room? Now lets’s have a look the reasons to buy a rug and buy the best rug for your taste from Kristalcarpets.

- Rugs are colourful. Different colors can show your furniture, armchair or coffetable vibrantly. Contrast colors of modern rug or contemporary rug can be a good fit.

  • Rugs are light and easy to use. Why don’t you spend time cleaning with your house? Rugs are light so you can move and place anywhere in the house and easy to use. There antiallergic rug options that you can gve safer environment to your living room with a modern energetic look. Hertex rugs are preferred too.
  • Rugs are the best friend of hardwood floors. Rugs can be used under the dinner table to give a warmth and cosy effect. Also rugs protects the damages or any scratches of the dinner chairs. Let’s not forget any stains on the floor.
  • Rugs are used as seperator for decoration. If you have a big living room you can define the limits of sitting area and dining area or any other reading area and child area. The size of rugs and rug colors gives the right message to the visitors as well as the family members. Choosing the best matching size and color of the rug gives perspective, modern look, and cosy and healthy environent to your home.

For more rug styles options, check the new collection as well as the fabric, pattern and size portfoglio on Kristalcarpets.

How Do You Pick a Good Quality Rug?

You decide to buy a rug for your living room but there are important details on how do you pick a good quality rug.

  • Colors. Check the color whether it gives comfort and quality look.
  • Density. The best quality rug stands with its knots. The more densed knots gives the quality, durability and clarity of the pattern.
  • Details. Authentic and oriental rugs are the best rugs with their details. However there are modern and contemporary rugs that with great details of quality.
  • Fabric. The wool used in rugs definitely reflects its quality. The best quality wool for rugs are Persian wool.

What Size Area Rug Is Best for Living Room?

The ideal and the ost preferred area rug size is 8x10 area rug. However you should consider your comfort, your living room layout and arrangements while deciding on the rug size. 8x10 area rug size can be considered as golden ratio as it fits almost every living room with ten feet wide. You may consider 5x7 area rug as well. Generally its placed in front of a sitting sofa and couch underlying a coffetable. The idea is keep the rug in center without going under the furnitures. You can check the best area rugs and order today with worldwide free shipping.

Which Type of Carpets Are the Best?

There are different carpet types such as wool, nylon or blend. The premium materials and fabrics are the best known of wool. The most and the best carpet types are berber carpet, plushpile carpet, shag carpet, frieze carpet

What Is the Best Carpet to Buy for A Living Room?

The best carpets depend on your choice where to use, how to use and what is the traffic on the carpet and most importantly to your budget and taste of your decoration.