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5 Home Hacks To Keep Your Rugs Clean

We are all aware of a good "spring clean", however rugs require attention throughout every season in order to remain in their best conditions. Buying a rug means making an investment, and investments need constant care - otherwise the value will just plummet! 

Rugs can be the perfect finishing touch to a room, but when that perfect item gets dirty it can also ruin a room. So it is really important to keep up carpet maintenance because we want to keep our rugs as what they should be, which is perfect finishing touches! Since rugs lie on the floor, they are constantly faced with the destruction that everyday life brings - such as drink spills, dirty shoes and feet, dust and a lot of bacteria. 

You can also read our blog on Top 5 Simple Tips to Remove the Worst Carpet Stains, which is really beneficial for carpet health!

A study was done by top microbiologists and the results showed that rugs can easily become a breeding ground for mold, pollen and even tiny creatures like dust mites. This is another reason why rugs need to be cleaned all year round rather than once during our routine spring cleaning. We have made it easier for you to stay on track with maintaining beautiful, perfect carpets - all you need to do is follow what we say.

Hack Number 1: Get that handy vacuum out, and keep it out!
Rugs should be vacuumed weekly so that the dirt, dust and other particles don't have a chance to settle into the rug because then it becomes a lot harder to clean. So, give your rug a thorough shake to get the dirt loose and then use the suction only feature to gently vacuum the rug into its mint condition. It's better to stay simple with this hack, don't try use fancy brush vacuums or powders freely, if you do choose to do this though, always test it on a small section of the rug to make sure the products won't ruin the rug. Our "star" rug collection might need this extra care but they are so worth it, go and indulge in looking through this collection. Now the secret tip for vacuuming carpets is to vacuum the underside at least once a month, this is the extra little care that will keep your rug clean and odorless.

Hack Number 2: Never let any spills sit.
As soon as there's any liquid spilled onto a rug, you need to run to get a damp white cotton cloth to soak up the spill. Remember, you need to blot rather than rub the mess to minimize the mess size and to refrain from damaging the rug's appearance any further. It's important to repeat this process, maybe with more than one cloth, until the whole spillage is absorbed and gone. Once you're done, leave the rug out to dry for about 3-4 hours before placing the rug back in its rightful place.

Hack Number 3: Get rid of those tough stains.
Removing stains is easier to do on some rugs compared to others - rugs that contain man-made fabrics tend to extract stains better than natural fabrics such as nylon or polyester. Polyester rugs do have the benefit of being able to dry quickly, take a few minutes to check out Kristal Carpets' shaggy polyester rugs which gives off a chic and stunning vibe to any room, not to mention that these rugs can withstand A LOT, they are even fire resistant! The most common tough stains on carpets are made from red wine or intensely colored drinks, coffee or mud. The best method for removing stains for Nylon rugs is to send it to get steam-cleaned. However there is a special concoction for rugs containing man-made fabrics, which can extract these tough stains when the rug is soaked in the concoction - this mixture includes equal parts of washing up liquid, white wine vinegar and warm water. When it comes to mud though, the best method of removal is to place the rug in the sun for the mud to dry out so you can easily vacuum the mud off the rug.

Hack Number 4: Purchase a wash-friendly rug.
Do you want a rug that won't fight back when you're trying to clean it? There is a great solution to that problem, and it is to buy a washing machine friendly rug. Browse our washable rugs which come in various beautiful patterns, colors and designs!

Hack Number 5: Keep rugs safe from your furry friends.
If you have pets, your rugs are deemed to adapt to how your pet behaves and this normally means your rugs will get damaged. This is why purchasing a pet-friendly rug is the best option for pet owners. "Pet-friendly rugs" refers to carpets which are dark in color as well as short-piled. Short pile rugs are rugs that have a flat density of fibers, shorter pile rugs are easier to clean and vacuum - which makes sense now when we say short pile rugs are more pet-friendly! Buying rugs like this will hide scratches and chew marks that pets might make, this is an easier option compared to having to choose between having a sparkling-clean lighter rug and your pet. Kristal Carpets have a collection named "first class" rugs, which are polyester and come in stunning darker-colored designs - this collection is a great place to look for pet-friendly rugs.

Lastly, getting your rugs professionally cleaned annually can really better the appearance and hygiene of the rugs. This is going the extra mile to ensure your "investment" in the form of a rug stays in peak condition and keeps its value.


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