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Care and Maintenance of Rugs and Carpets

Care and Maintenance of Rugs and Carpets

Cleaning any carpet and rug is basically the same. However, if you clean it carelessly or negligently, you can seriously damage your carpet.

In this article, we will explain what kind of cleaning you should do besides routine cleaning when any liquid spills on your carpet.

Routine Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet in a home is usually done superficially with a vacuum every 2 weeks or once a week. Regardless of how high quality your vacuum cleaner is, we have to conclude that this method is not sufficient.

If you really want to believe that your carpets are clean, you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned every 3-4 years. There are already many companies that perform carpet cleaning, so we recommend you to choose the most popular and best one.

Due to their hairy nature, carpets hold a lot of dirt and microbes inside. If this dirt is not cleaned regularly, you may get sick frequently in the house where you think you live healthy. For this reason, the best solution is to contact professional carpet cleaning companies and get your carpet cleaned at a very affordable price.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning Method

Apart from the regular carpet cleaning that you should do, let us explain what you need to do if drinks like cola, wine and fruit juice are suddenly spilled on your carpet.

You should never spill a chemical product on the surface of your carpet immediately after spilling a liquid. If you spill it, you can permanently damage your carpet, and such a sight is not pleasant. Instead, the right decision is to calmly clean your carpet with a towel or a damp cloth with water.

If you do not rush and use the simplest method, there is a 90% chance that your carpet will be cleaned. It's good to be reminded. You need to clean drinks like wine, tea and coffee immediately. Otherwise, they can dry out and make cleaning more difficult.

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