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How Different Types Of Rugs Can Fit In A Room

How Different Types Of Rugs Can Fit In A Room

Rugs might seem simple on the surface but if you start diving into what types of rugs are available to you, it can become a lot more complex. There are many aspects to consider when choosing a rug – such as fabrics, colours, patterns, sizes and more. Rugs can be made from many different fabrics, so it is important to pay attention to which fabric would best suit what you are looking for. The main fabrics that rugs and carpets are made from includes polyester, silk, polypropylene, faux fur, jute, cotton, and wool. Deciding on and purchasing rugs is dependent on three main elements which is budget, rug placement and rug style. These are the three most important things to think about, so it’s a good idea to do research on each element. This blog shares the positives and negatives that come with rug fabrics, and where each type of rug could be placed best.

Polyester is a synthetic material, and many rugs and carpets are produced from this fabric, making them affordable and readily available. Polyester rugs are made from tiny fibres and recycled materials are used to enhance the soft feel of the rug. These synthetic rugs imitate the look of expensive rugs however, the downfall for polyester rugs is that they tend to appear dirtier sooner than other rugs would. The First Class Polyester Several Rug nods towards traditional carpet patterns but then the modernism element adds character to the rug, making is more customised. These rugs are durable physically but not in appearance, the rug will last long but it won’t look great for as long.

Rugs that are made with silk have a beautiful shine and appearance, whether it’s 100% silk or 10% silk. It is important to note that silk rugs are commonly thin, sheen, fine and soft – this means that the placement of these rugs needs to be carefully thought out. The downside is that silk rugs are delicate which means that they aren’t very easy to clean, therefore they are best suited to rooms with less traffic such as spare bedrooms or dining rooms.

Polypropylene is a synthetic fabric that many rugs and carpets are made from. Rugs that are manufactured from polypropylene are usually thinner than wool rugs but are just as soft as wool rugs. The most attractive attribute of polypropylene rugs is the fact that they are very cost-effective, which will keep you under your budget.  These synthetic rugs are easy to clean and maintain, very resistant to fading and they are long-lasting – making them perfect for high-traffic areas such as the living room, bedrooms, or stairs. Due to how well polypropylene rugs hold colours, try create a funky vibe in a room with the bright and eccentric Halhal Polypropylene Shaggy Pistachio Green Rug. The negative about polypropylene is that it isn’t environmentally friendly and takes long to decompose. These rugs will last long and look beautiful until you don’t want it anymore, so to counteract the lack of sustainability, ensure you choose a rug that you will use for years.

Rugs are often made from faux fur due to the desire to have luxurious natural elements as well as helping to reduce animal abuse. Faux fur rugs are affordable and ethically sourced, which is the biggest draw-in of the rugs. These rugs have negative aspects as well, being that they are difficult to clean, and they shed fabric a lot. Although faux fur rugs need more care, they are still beautiful and luxurious as well as being heavy-duty. The Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Grey Rug is a beautiful addition to high traffic areas such as living rooms, entryways and bedrooms – these rugs are soft and really contribute to the overall mood of the area.

Jute is a stunning natural fabric which carpets, and rugs are made from, this natural material perfectly creates an earthy, coastal vibe. Jute rugs are durable and strong, adding textures to rooms to liven it up – it should be noted that these rugs do need more than average maintenance because watermarks tend to show up easily. Rugs made from jute is great for layering, so it’s worth looking into if that’s an option for you. The Promo Brown Arrow Rug beautifully combines its natural feel with a natural colour scheme of neutral brown colours, this inside rug adds a youthful mood to areas due to its geometric pattern. Jute rugs are sometimes able to be outdoor rugs but be sure to look for that feature before placing your jute rug outside.

Cotton rugs are quite popular, being the common alternative to expensive wool and silk rugs. The biggest benefit of cotton rugs is that these rugs are affordable. Cotton rugs are perfect if you change up your interior design with the season or if you change the design regularly, this is because cotton rugs aren’t long-lasting. These rugs don’t last long because they fade quickly and easily as well as having a lack of stain repellence. Although cotton rugs do have their downsides, they are fun to play around with and they can add a fun atmosphere to the area. These rugs are best in low traffic rooms, and this is how you can make the rug last.

Wool is a natural fabric which is traditionally woven by hand, but many wool rugs are machine-made too. Wool rugs are high-quality and able to handle a lot of traffic, meaning that these rugs are strong, durable, and long-lasting – so long-lasting that these rugs are usually passed down through generations. Typically, wool rugs take longer than usual to manufacture compared to other rug types, which is why wool rugs tend to be more expensive. Although wool requires a higher budget as well as regular vacuuming and maintenance, wool rugs hold intense colours, they have a super soft feel, they are heavy-duty and top quality. All in all, wool rugs are great investments and stunning décor, making these rugs perfect for living rooms, entryways, and bedrooms – wool rugs are the perfect option for high-traffic areas. The Aksu Antiallergic Pattern Rug is a beautiful wool rug which has a traditional oriental style and colour scheme, this is a very handy rug to have do to how resistant it is to spills, stains, traffic and fading. Wool rugs are able to make your home more cosy, comfortable, and welcoming – ensure patterns, colours and styles shine and last with wool rugs.

Each type of rugs has its benefits and setbacks, there isn’t a single ideal perfect rug that will suit every single person. Everyone has different preferences, requirements, and opinions that rugs need to adhere to in order to be the best fit. Take time to research what the rug types look and feel like as well as other important factors like the lifespans, the maintenance, the traffic it can hold and how prone the rug is to dirt and fading. There is a rug for everyone, it just takes a bit of time to find your perfect rug!

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