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How To Incorporate Rugs Into Various Rooms

How To Incorporate Rugs Into Various Rooms

Choosing an interior design style for your house and decorating rooms is not as easy as it sounds, there’s more to it than just thinking of a colour or hanging curtains. Rugs are a powerful tool for interior design, they can be the determining factor of what styles and themes you’re going to go with or they can be the statement pieces of your house – rugs can be multifunctional and beautiful simultaneously. Incorporating rugs into various rooms is made easy when splitting the process into 8 options:

  • Let your carpet be the deciding factor.

Some say you should decide on and buy a room’s carpet before anything else in regards to the interior design of a room. By doing this, you always have a decorative piece to relate back to when designing the rest of the room. This method is highly helpful with keeping to a specific colour scheme and style, which should always be in the back of your mind when designing.

  • Add in a statement rug.

If you feel like your room is missing something and needs a little extra decorating – an artistic, luxurious rug makes a great addition to homes. You can choose an elaborate rug but then be sure to bring the colours of the rug into other furniture and decorations to ensure the carpet doesn’t drown out the rest of the room. You can choose a smaller, simpler rugs to layer on your hard surfaced or soft surfaced floors to make the room more decorated and interesting. The Antique Charcoal Rug is a beautiful carpet that could be used as a statement piece in a room.

  • Play around with patterns.

Working with patterns when decorating a room, so be careful with them. The easiest way to go about incorporating patterned rugs into your home is to choose a rug that has a neutral colour scheme and then go from there. Having a pattern on neutral colours means that the pattern is the focal point of the rug and it can easily be seen and admired. When rugs have intricate patterns and there’s intense colour use – it comes across overbearing and it can end up taking away from the room’s atmosphere instead of improving it.

  • Give purples and blue a chance.

Introducing a blue or purple rug into a room creates a sophisticated, lively and elegant environment for the room. Blue or purple rugs are intense and draw a lot of attention from anyone in the room. If you feel like a room is becoming boring to you, consider adding in a beautiful blue or purple carpet to amp up the energy of the room. The Matrix Purple Square Rug is a perfect choice for this.

  • Stripe your carpets.

Rugs that have stripes create a feeling of structure and order in a room. Striped rugs are great to place in offices and dining rooms, or basically any room you want to be more elegant. It’s also smart to have a striped rugs in smaller rooms because this form of decorating make the room seem more spacious. Striped carpets are helpful with interior design because they are able to look beautiful and assist in elongating rooms, meaning these rugs are multifunctional. The Nevada Blue Stripe Rug is an elegant and modern rug that can make a room more appealing and classy. 

  • Stay trendy with your carpets.

It’s always a good idea to decorate spaces with the trendiest designs and elements. That’s why you should go for the most modern trends such as scalloping, which includes soft edges and waving patterns, this trend has become wildly popular. Even though the rug won’t be in fashion forever, rugs age like fine wine and it can go from the newest and trendiest rug at the moment to a time piece as fashion moves on.

  • Rugs are floor art.

Rugs can take over the role of walls with their wallpaper and fancy paint designs, rugs can decorate your room just as well, if not better than walls can. Since carpets make use of patterns and colours, they are a great way to liven rooms up to make them more appealing, more comfortable and more welcoming. A carpet requires a lot less effort than wall decorating requires, which is a huge advantage and reason to decorate rooms through carpets. You can have colourful playful rugs to striped elegant rugs that will distinguish rooms from each other. Investing in a carpet is a fantastic idea because then you have a warm, luxurious carpet that represents yourself and you have an entire room them. 

Rugs can help you a lot with your interior design, think of rugs as design tools that are also decorations themselves. Carpets can fill many roles that compliment the rest of the room as carpets have the ability to stand out or blend into a space – the choice is yours. Carpets can beautifully be the finishing touch of a room which brings out all the positives and advantages of the space. Rugs are important, so try out a few of these tips to help your process of interior design.

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