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What part of your home/office do you most want to glamour up with rugs?

What part of your home/office do you most want to glamour up with rugs?

Maintaining a clean and fresh-looking commercial facility is critical to making a good first impression on customers and employees.

It's no secret that keeping your carpets clean is an important part of maintaining a clean facility, but it can be difficult to find the time or resources to do so.

Kristal Carpets offers a complete line of commercial carpet cleaning services that are designed to meet your unique needs and budget. From deep-cleaning and stain removal to pet odor elimination, we have you covered.

Let's face it: a clean floor can make or break an establishment. You might wonder why we care so much about appearances, but the truth is that people judge us by our floors! Keep them spic-and-span to avoid any negative feedback from customers who enter into one of your facilities with low expectations ( ignite their curiosity instead).

Updating your facility's carpeting is one way to make sure you're keeping up with the pandemic. Not only will it not allow any germs or bacteria into cleanliness, but also stains from food and beverages can be removed with just water!

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your facility, you can never be too careful. Visitors will feel more at ease knowing that their carpet has been carefully cleaned and is free from stains caused by food or beverage products for example- especially if there are children in attendance who may have played on surfaces before them! A well maintained floor not only makes people happy but also reduces risks associated with certain health problems such as asthma triggered by mold growths due very often come down dirty indoor air quality issues.

Restaurants – More than half (53 percent) of Americans say well-maintained carpet in restaurants improves their confidence level regarding facility cleanliness.

• Long-term care facilities – Clean carpet in these healthcare settings would assure 44 percent of Americans that the facility is committed to cleanliness.  

• Retail stores – Shoppers take notice of how stores are maintained, given that 42 percent of Americans say well-maintained carpet in retail locations would improve their confidence in the facility’s cleanliness.

• Office buildings – Two in five Americans (40 percent) say clean carpet has a positive impact on their confidence in an office building’s commitment to cleanliness.

• Casinos – One in three Americans (33 percent) would feel more confident in a casino’s level of cleanliness upon seeing the carpet is maintained properly.  

• Schools (K-12 school, university, college) – 32 percent of Americans say their confidence in a school’s cleanliness is improved by well-maintained carpet.

“The right chemicals and equipment can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your carpets,” says Bshero. “We recommend low-moisture encapsulation for more sustainable care that will keep them clean longer!

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