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Why Choose Carpets? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Carpets Are Best.

Tiles, hardwood, marble, carpeting, vinyl, laminate and so many more – how is it possible to say for sure which option is the top dog? We might have a bit of bias to this decision but we can substantiate why carpeting is the best choice! Every flooring option has advantages and disadvantages however carpet is able to separate itself from other choices because it has many unarguable benefits.

  1. The Best of Both Worlds: Minimalism has taken over the interior design industry, and with that came a big fad for hardwood floors. Sure, hardwood floor has a distinct appeal to it, it’s elegant and beautiful but it has a certain stiffness to it. Hardwood, tiled and laminated floors (these being the most popular) portray a feeling of a bachelor pad which translates to bold, harsh tones in a room. Carpets are amazing because they are able to be both slick and stunning as well as comfortable and homey. A great benefit of carpets is that there is always room for compromise, no matter how big or small you need it to be – carpets come in various styles, designs and sizes, so there is tons of freedom with carpeting. Kristal Carpets is here to help you incorporate carpets into your lovely home, if you already have flooring that would cost too much to redo in carpets, try out our chic Istanbul rugs that will add class and a family vibe to your house.
  2. Comfy & Cozy: Hard-surfaced floors provide notoriously uncomfortable experiences; such as speed-walking across cold floors to get water or a midnight snack in the night, children running around and nearly breaking a tooth when they fall and winters being even colder due to the freezing floor turning the house into a deep freeze. Carpets really add a cozy feel to houses, at face value and literally. Having carpets around your house helps reduce body and feet aches because there is soft padding acting as shock-absorption for every single step. Walking and standing on hard, cold floors hurts your feet and makes you feel like you can’t comfortably walk barefoot in your own house. Consider first class carpeting options to improve on how your floors make you feel!
  3. Warm It Up: As previously mentioned, hard-surfaced floors are cold and unless there is underfloor heating involved, it makes your house cold. A benefit of carpets is the added in heat-generation that is received, carpets really heat rooms up and it is most definitely more cost-friendly to make a once off payment compared to constantly paying for underfloor heating (you can’t deny that it eats money extremely fast). Carpets are proven to reduce heat-loss in rooms which is a stand out benefit!
  4. It’s Healthy Too: The long-time myth that carpets cause harm to people with breathing issues is now disputed. Carpets are proven to be more helpful than hard-surfaced flooring options for people with breathing problems, partly due to the fact that dust and dirt particles aren’t able to sit on the surface of carpets. Think of carpets as a natural room vacuum, the carpets are able to absorb the dust and dirt particles to reduce the inhalation of these particles and this is really helpful for people suffering with breathing problems. This is controversial as many people believe this contributes towards a dirtier living space, but as long as you vacuum your carpets once a week, it really proves to be the better flooring choice. Short-pile carpets are easy on cleaning efforts and they offer this “room vacuum” element so there isn’t a need to worry about your loved ones that have breathing problems while having beautiful carpeting. Browse our specialised AntiAllergic rug collection that is even better for people that struggle with breathing problems.
  5. Safety: If you are starting a family or have younger children, carpets are the safest and most comfortable choice for you! It was briefly mentioned earlier on, but this is such an important aspect that needs to be considered when choosing flooring that is the best fit for you and your family. It is a good idea to have carpets in baby rooms, elderly rooms and stairs – safer floors means less stress and discomfort created within houses, bettering the atmosphere as well as real safety concerns. Hard-surfaced floors are slippery and sore to land on after slipping and falling, the negatives just keep piling up. Carpets are the floor version of the saying “better safe than sorry”, it’s better to choose safety for your kids and grandparents from the get go when it comes to flooring. Some people don’t want carpeting on the entire floor and to those people, take some time to give runner rugs a chance at convincing you.
Kristal Carpets’ top priority is providing the best rugs and carpets to prove that carpeting isn’t just another flooring option but rather a safer, more stylish way of living. Carpets are cost-efficient, elegant, comfortable, insulators as well as safe – there are many other benefits to having carpets but these are big crowd-pleasers for people that are deciding on what type of flooring to invest in. Floors are more important than you might think, you see them all day, every day, everywhere. You might as well tick as many boxes as possible with your flooring choice!
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