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How to Dry Oriental Rug?

How to Dry Oriental Rug?

When washing oriental rugs, you should be much more sensitive than cotton rugs, because a lot of effort goes into knotting these rugs, and as rug owners, we do not want your rug to be deformed. Firstly, you need to know you should never machine wash an oriental rug.

You should gently brush your carpet with water using a brush. Do not pour detergent or other liquids containing chemicals on your rug other than water. If a stain is only on one area of your carpet, you can pour a small amount of detergent on that area, but you should brush it off carefully.

After cleaning, you should let your carpet dry in an open area, but it should not be in direct contact with the sun. In hot weather, a shady place to dry is the best solution. If your oriental rug is in direct contact with the sun, its color may fade.

What is Oriental Rug?

Oriental carpet widely use in India, Middle East and Africa but the oriental carpet type was probably first woven in South Africa in the 1980s. It should be noted that there is not one type of Oriental rug. Since each of these countries, which are geographically very close to each other, has different cultures, they also differ in the motifs they use.

In addition, the type of oriental rug in most Islamic countries is called 'Islamic rug’. In Iran, this type of rug is often called 'Persian rug’. These rugs, which can be made of silk, wool and cotton with special knotting tools, are extremely difficult to knot and very expensive in direct proportion.

Nowadays, many sellers claim to sell genuine oriental rugs, but most rugs on the market are imitations. Whether the product you are about to buy is a genuine hand-woven rug or not, you can only tell by looking at the knitting style and the quality of the rug.

What to Consider Before Buying a Oriental Rug?

As briefly mentioned earlier, you should make sure that the product you want to buy is a replica, because these rugs are very expensive. If you want to buy an oriental rug online, you should choose a registered and reliable e-commerce website.

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