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How to Fade an Oriental Rug?

How to Fade an Oriental Rug?

Before we explain how to fade your oriental rug, we should first explain how not to fade it. First of all, your carpet will probably not fit in your machine, but if your carpet is large enough to fit, we still do not recommend placing it in the machine. But even if your rug is big enough to fit in the machine, we do not advise you to throw it in the machine. If these hand-knitted rugs are handled poorly, the threads can come off quickly, and you may end up with an unsightly appearance.

The easiest and most effective way to fade your oriental rug is to dry it in the sun. This process will give your rug the faded look you desire. If you want to have your rug faded professionally, there are companies that do this, but we recommend you do it yourself as the cost is high.

First of all, the sun's rays are hottest at midday because they hit the earth vertically. So if you want your rug to have a faded look, it is best to put it in the sun at noon.

How Can You Preserve The Value of The Oriental Rug You Bought?

You may want to buy a 100 year old rug online because of its faded appearance, but you know that these rugs start at a minimum of $2500. If your budget is not enough to buy an original faded rug, you can try to maintain your own oriental rug.

First, clean the dirt on your rug with a vacuum cleaner. Then scrub your carpet with hot water and salt. Assume that the reason for using salt is to make the rug fade faster. If you let the carpet dry naturally afterwards, you will maintain the value of your carpet and give it a faded look.

One last and important detail: If your rug is prone to drying and tearing, you can let it dry in the shade three times in a row instead of letting it dry in direct sunlight.

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